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ManukaCare gains medical device status

Tuesday, 5 January 2010  |  Admin

ManukaCare, the very popular medical grade sterilised manuka honey product hasManukacare tube gained greater recognition in achieving a medical devices license.

This is a very positive step for those people who want to use proper sterilised manuka honey on their wounds or leg ulcer but have struggled to get their doctor or nurse to agree.

The new tubes of Manukacare are now CE marked (number CE0120), and are allowed to mention its usefulness against MRSA. This indicates its regulation status as a medical device and behind each one of these marks is technical agreement necessary to manufacture the product to the required standard.

This new version does still have a UMF rating. It is not shown on the pack as it has been able to achieve a medical devices license for this product which now allows us greater claims as to the capability of the product. For example we can now claim 'first aid ready', 'suitable for most wound types' and 'reduces the risk of infection from bacteria including MRSA' (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - the nasty antibiotic resistant superbug). 

ManukaCare continues to be your medical grade manuka honey product, ready sterilised, and perfect for using on a variety of wounds including leg ulcers, burns, cuts, and many more.

100% Antibacterial Manuka Honey.

  • First Aid ready
  • Suitable for most wound types
  • Reduces the risk of infection from bacteria including MRSA 
Your can order it here: Buy Manukacare

Or read more about manuka honey for MRSA here .
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