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Comvita Manuka Honey Skincare

HUNI®XA Manuka Honey - Anti-Aging Honey - Unique From Comvita.

Combining the miracles of nature with breakthrough scientific research, comes Comvita Skincare. From A Beautiful Place.

Honey has been used for beauty for centuries. In the 21st century we now know that not all honeys are created equal. Following on from research that discovered some manuka honey contains unique additional antibacterial properties (not all manuka honey is the same), now breakthrough scientific research via the University of Auckland has found that a special type of Manuka honey contains effective compounds that slow the visible signs of aging.

Called HUNI®XA - this anti-aging manuka honey can be traced to a specific location in a beautiful part of New Zealand, and is unique to Comvita Skincare.

It supports the natural collagen and elastin structure of your skin, making it feel firm and lifted, and the appearance of wrinkles smoothed.

  • Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) degrade collagen in skin  - sagging, wrinkles
  • Phenolic compounds in HUNI®XA Manuka honey inhibit MMPs - helping to support the skin's natural elasticity and collagen structure, visibly slowing the signs of aging.

How natural do you want your skincare? Many international certification standards for natural skincare such as BDIH, Ecocert, NPA have a requirement of at least 95% natural ingredients to be certified as natural. All Comvita Skincare products are at least 99% natural!

Free From: The following are all NOT found in Comvita Skincare.

Parabens; Sodium Lauryl Sulphate; Synthetic Colours or Fragrances; Mineral Oils; GE modified plant materials. Plus No testing on animals.


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For Normal To Dry Skin

  • Contains HUNI®XA Manuka honey to slow the signs of aging
  • Nourishes skin and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents damage caused by dryness and promotes skin elasticity
  • Skin looks radiant and feels soft, firm and lifted.



For Normal To Oily Skin

  • Contains HUNI®XA Manuka honey to slow the signs of aging
  • Restores moisture balance and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Controls excess oil production in T-zone and refines pores
  • Skin looks toned and feels soft, firm and revitalised



For Your Body

  • Contains HUNI®XA Manuka honey to slow the signs of aging
  • Gentle non-drying cleansers soothe and invigorate your skin
  • Indulgent moisturisers nourish, soften and replenish your skin
  • Skin feels refreshed, firm and silky smooth



Naturally Smelling Good Too


Reflecting the miracles of nature and the unique anti-aging properties of HUNI®XA Manuka honey the Comvita Skincare range gently carries a sophisticated and distinctive fragrance. All sourced from natural ingredients. And guaranteed free from synthetic chemicals. 

The toners are fragrance free.

Browse the Comvita Manuka Honey Skincare Range here.



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