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Comvita UMF 20+ Manuka Honey 250g

Comvita UMF 20+ Manuka Honey 250g
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Our Price:  £94.75
List Price:  £99.99
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Brand:  Comvita


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Your Genuine, High UMF®  Manuka Honey.
...tested and proven antibacterial properties

Unfortunately we are out of stock of any Comvita UMF20+ at this time.

What we do have available: Natural Solutions UMF20+. Plus the still very high potency, genuine UMF® 18+ manuka honey in both a 250g and 500g size option:

UMF18+ Manuka Honey 250g for £26.95 or UMF18+ Manuka Honey 500g for £44.95

  • Benefits UMF Manuka Honey gives You
  • Genuine UMF Manuka Honey - the standard - what you should know
  • What does 'UMF®' stand for
  • Other resources and information, including links to university research

How UMF® Manuka Honey benefits You:

  • You receive powerful natural antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic qualities.

  • Known as the 'healing honey' its therapeutic qualities have become well documented.

  • Supported by university research.

  • Can aid your relief from gastric reflux, indigestion, stomach upsets, and diarrhoea.

  • Helps you beat those tricky coughs.

  • Studies have shown honey, and in particular UMF® Manuka Honey, can inhibit Helicobacter pylori.

  • Aids treatment of peptic and stomach ulcers.

  • You feel healthier from an improved digestive system.

  • Medicine that tastes good!

  • Gentle on your stomach. You won't have to be concerned with harsh effects on your stomach from synthetic alternatives.

  • Conveniently delivered to your place when you purchase from us. - currently FREE (UK)


You receive reassurance of quality by Comvita being New Zealand's largest producer. With this high UMF factor provided through independent testing.

you get a honey that is GM free.

Genuine UMF® Manuka Honey - the standard - what you should know:

Comvita UMF  Manuka Honey complies with the following as recommended by the UMF® Honey Association.

It has the trademark UMF® clearly stated on the front label.
It is packed into jars and labelled in New Zealand.
It is from a New Zealand company licensed to use the trademark UMF®.
It has the UMF® licensee's name on the front label.
It has a rating of UMF 5 or more.

It is the standard for measuring the additional antibacterial activity found in only some manuka honey, the non-peroxide activity.

It is your quality standard, and your reassurance that this honey meets UK and EU regulations.

Nature Backed By Science: - What does the 'UMF' stand for?

**Unique Manuka Factor.** - the non-peroxide activity

Dr Peter Molan, from the Honey Research Unit at New Zealand's Waikato University, discovered that certain manuka honeys had an extra antibacterial component, not found in normal honey. It was identified and named as the 'unique manuka factor'. This is an additional antibacterial property to the hydrogen peroxide activity. It represents the non-peroxide activty that is found in only some manuka honey.

UMF® is now an industry registered trademark that gives you (the consumer) quality assurance. There is an auditing process (set up for UMF® manuka honey) that checks that this manuka honey not only contains the stated level of antibacterial properties, but also meets other standards, such as EU regulations for hmf levels.

The amount of UMF naturally varies from batch to batch, so each batch needs to be independently tested, and given its UMF rating - if it has sufficient UMF in it.


How we look after you:

  • We offer you Manuka Honey from the Comvita range for a reason. It is the world's leading supplier, and the favourite of New Zealanders. They use special, manuka honey specific processing to ensure you receive a product in optimum condition, in optimum raw state, with its UMF activity maintained. This is not a blended honey!

  • Honest Labeling: What You See Is What You Get - every batch of Comvita honey is properly tested by the an established New Zealand laboratory registered to measure UMF activity. The results are also able to be verified internationally, including by a UK government laboratory (Fera)

  • Traceability and Safety - completely traceable from the hive to the jar, and produced under world recognised pharmaceutical safety standards - Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

  • Secure payment via the Protx service

  • Satisfaction guarantee - your Money Back if you are not satisfied.

Comvita's UMF manuka honey was recommended by Jennifer Harper-Deacon in her Sunday Times column, talking about coughs. (The Sunday Times, 3rd December 2006)

Worried about how long it can last for? This unique honey doesn't really 'go off' within any short time frame unless it is subject to too much heat. Our current stock of UMF 20+ is use by February 2016.


UMF 20+is recommended for the relief of digestive disorders and stomach issues in which a stronger, fast acting anti-bacterial and healing action is indicated. Provides relief from symptoms of indigestion and dyspepsia

250g Jar.

Suggested dosage is take 1-2 teaspoons before meals. Your digestive system will thank you.

Other Manuka Honey resources and information:

Link to: BBC news report: "Harnessing honey's healing power" (new window)

Link to: What's special about active manuka honey, from Waikato University (new window)

"Dear Honey people, I bought +20 manuka from you for the six months prior to october 05. I had heard good reports of manuka honey being beneficial for the treatment of MRSA. My mother was then 80 years old and had had four strokes and a broken hip. She returned home after a lengthy hospital stay and was diagnosed with MRSA. The doctors gave her four courses of anti-biotics and then said there was nothing more they could do. I decided that nothing could be lost by giving her manuka. She does not like honey generally, but said she would take it. She took one teaspoon a day for seven months. On being tested by the hospital again, we were told she no longer had MRSA. The doctor said that it can sometimes get better when people are no longer in a hospital environment. I am sure it was the manuka that cured her. Thanks for helping to save my mother's life. Sandra Christie."

Our Transparent delivery charge for this item is: Currently FREE!. So order now.

Or you may want to see the Comvita UMF®18+ Manuka Honey.

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Key Benefits:

A very high UMF® Manuka Honey.

Suitable for more severe conditions.

Contains unique plant phenols.

Comvita are the world's leading producers of UMF® certified Manuka honey.

Only some Manuka honey actually contains the special UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) properties. It is these properties that the supporting research behind Manuka is based on. They are extra to the 'active' parts found in all honeys, and are not even found in all Manuka, only some of it. Hence the relevance of the UMF® certification.

Did you know?

- Comvita have three 'Honey-meisters' to make sure their honey not only passes all appropriate quality tests but also reaches you in optimal condition.

- Comvita are at the forefront of additional and ongoing research into Manuka honey. With their own staff scientists working within a university, and multiple research partnerships with universities to learn more about all aspects of producing the best Manuka honey from the trees that flower through to the end honey.

- One of the Comvita co-founders suffered sickness as a child. But after getting his first beehive as a 13 year old, and lifetime since of taking healthy bee products he celebrated his 100th birthday in 2010.

Our Price:  £94.75
List Price:  £99.99
Saving Of:  £5.24 (5%)

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Comvita UMF 20+ Manuka Honey 250g
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Worked quickly on upset stomach
Wednesday, 24 December 2008  |  Amy

Hello, I just wanted to say I was impressed with how quickly the manuka honey started to help. After getting a stomach upset I thought I was about to suffer a long night. But just a couple of hours after taking 2 teaspoons of the honey, I felt quite good again, and was able to have a normal nights sleep, with no more upset stomach.

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282 of 673 people found this review helpful.


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